Hey there! The name's Kristoff
The name's Krsitoff Bjorgman, the "Official Ice Master and Deliverer of Arendelle"...but I'm not sure that's really a thing. Your always welcome to tag along with Sven and I, all you have to do is ask! (Member of Disney Elites RP group)
Reindeer King




"—I’m just saying, you can’t have a birthday without having a birthday party! Besides, it’s the perfect excuse to invite all of my friends to the castle!”

"Your birthday?" He said, pretending to be surprised despite having looked forward to it for some while now. "I thought that was last year!" Kristoff tried his best not to smile.

"Hi, is that...a real reindeer?!" Cody asked excitedly and waved to Sven. "Hello!"

"What? Of course he’s real!" Kristoff replied as Sven’s ears perked up. The reindeer stepped closer to the boy and sniffed his blonde hair curiously. "His name is Sven by the way."



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Dance - Commissionrequested by branchan

The Accolade - by PONZExPONZE


Re-imagining of “The Accolade" (1901) by Edmund Blair Leighton.
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"Can you feel it kicking?"




"Unfortunately," Anna groans from her place on the couch, "That’s the third time in the past hour!" The princess was nearly eight months along in her pregnancy, and most of the time she found it difficult to even stand.

"You’ve already made me the size of a whale," she says to her stomach with a pout, "The least you could do is calm down for a little while!" 

Kristoff took a seat next to her and placed a hand on her stomach. “Woah buddy, take it easy!” He chuckled and moved his hand in a circle around her belly button. “Why don’t you give her a break, huh?” 


He pulled Anna’s legs up and rested them on his lap. And even though he didn’t know what he was doing, he started to rub her feet, hoping it would help her feel a little better. “So mama bear, come up with any good names?”

Anna sighed contently as he massaged her feet, more than grateful to have Kristoff for a husband. He was always taking care of her, and Anna could only love him all the more for it.


"Other than Lil Kicker?" she giggled, "I’ve been thinking about it, but….I’m not really sure, to be honest. There’s just so many to choose from!"

"Hmmm…what about…"Sven"!" He said with a laugh, unsure if Anna would shoot his idea down or actually consider it. "Just kidding. Don’t people usually pick family name’s?"